Boatrocker Stout & Blue Cheese for $20


Has there ever been a better combination than stout and blue cheese?…we think not!

We are lucky to have a small batch of Boatrocker 500ml Stout bottles and are offering a deal for one…. or share with a mate.

A 500ml Boatrocker Stout and a piece of blue cheese for only $20!

Get in to the shop for this little winter warmer before we sell out!

First a shout about the Stout: This little beauty uses the finest English malt and hops to give you a deliciously balanced and hearty ale good for any time of year but ever so satisfying when dark and cold outside.

You'll pick up a subtle dark liquorice and a hint twiggy hop characters alongside the dusty dark cocoa and chocolate on the nose, with flavours dominated by high percentage couverture chocolate and flashes of dark fruits.

Now you’ll be pleased with the cheese: Named in honour of the buffalo breed grazing near Woodside in Gippsland, this cheese is steadily becoming Berrys Creek signature variety. This blue has a soft and creamy texture with a light green, blue veining throughout. A delicacy with a cult following!

These two gastronomic pairings are like the coming together of Batman and Robin, PB & J, Bert and Ernie…Simon & Garfunkel or Nutella and …..everything!

Nick Prendergast